Change Log

The Daily Erosion Project continually works to update and refine its sampling and modelling framework.  As such, the output from the modelling framework changes with time.  Rewording, our estimates of past erosion made available via this website are sometimes updated as improvements are made to inputs and/or changes are made to the erosion model we use, WEPP.  This page attempts to document these changes in the form of a Changelog, which denotes a date and associated changes made on that date.


2020 January 10

  • The HUC12 based sampling framework was re-run with new flowpaths generated using updated baseline datasets of tillage, SSURGO (FY2020), and managements (2020).
  • The baseline HUC12 geometries were also updated to current NRCS values.
  • The number of HUC12s modelled increased from 4,493 to 4,623.