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Change Log

The Daily Erosion Project (DEP) is continually refining its processing and updating input databases.  With each update, the entire archive is reprocessed with the data updated for the 2007-yesterday period.  This page documents the changes made to the DEP database.


8 Dec 2023 :: Updated Inputs

  • The DEP input database was updated and tagged as "20231208".  This update added a presently hard coded November 1rst Anhydrous application when next year's crop is corn.  It also further rectified tillage operations to more properly match previously published algorithm decisions made.

23 Nov 2023 :: Updated Inputs

  • The DEP input database was updated and tagged as "20231123".  This update used a new approach for estimating tillage intensity by using a median value analyzed over the 2017 through 2022 period.

28 Sep 2023 :: Updated inputs

  • The DEP input database was fully updated and tagged as "20230927".  The only change was a reverting to a year 2021 tillage intensity analysis, which seemed to more accurately represent practices than our 2022 analysis did.  Once the issue with the 2022 analysis is resolved, we will likely turn over the database again.

20 July 2023 :: Updated inputs

  • The DEP input database was fully updated and tagged as "20230720".  Updates include migration to ACPF 2022 and gSSURGO FY2023.

18 May 2023 :: Updated tillage/database

  • The database has been churned after some updates to our tillage timing logic.  This release is tagged "20230518".

10 May 2023 :: Migration to WEPP 2023

  • The WEPP model, which drives our erosion estimates was upgraded from version 2012.8 to a pre-release version circa early 2023.  We will migrate to the full release, once it is made ready for general use.  Additionally, metadata on data versioning has been added to the GeoJSON and shapefile outputs.  More details on that will come over the coming days.  The entire database has been churned with this change. 

14 April 2023 :: Updated baseline

  • A bug was found with how we specified tillage operations for soybean under code "2".  The issue was an additional field cultivation after planting, which is not valid for that tillage intensity.  The entire database was reprocessed.

20 Feb 2023 :: New outputs

  • HUC12 averaged bulk slope and dominant tillage code were added to the shapefile/geojson export.

12 Jan 2023 :: Forest Expansion

  • A small expansion of three HUC12s was done in Minnesota to test out new methodology for running DEP in forest.  

1 Jan 2023 :: Updates

  • The routine yearly maintenance was completed with some additional changes made to support WEPP modeled Overland Flow Elements (OFE) having more 20 points.

14 July 2022 :: Expansion

  • 80 new HUC12s were adding in various small holes over the domain as input processing has improved and edge cases resolved.  There are now 6,655 HUC12s covered by the DEP model domain.

27 June 2022 :: Expansion

  • 1458 new HUC12s were added in Nebraska. As when we add other areas, it will take a few days for the results to settle down.  This area also features our first foray into prescribed irrigation. 

7 June 2022 :: Expansion

  • 147 new HUC12s were added from the Minnesota Headwaters region and around Green Bay.  Please give the results from this area a few days for reprocessing to complete.

29 April 2022 :: Reprocessed Inputs + Expansion

  • Entire input database updated with updated flowpaths, 2021 land management, FY2022 SURGO soils, and updated residue estimates.
  • HUC12 coverage increased from 4,618 to 5,087 with newly added regions in Illinois and Nebraska
  • Number of modeled flowpaths increased from 577,014 to 641,364.  Present daily runtime finishes at about 5 AM Central Time.